Where Joy Kills Sorrow

We never got around to making the vaguely promised Volume 2 but WJKS is the CD that I am most thanked for by strangers. Recorded in '96 and '97 it was a collection of single day recordings almost all produced by me with a lot of help from the various musicians and singers involved. I sent out a couple of cassettes of my favourite songs and asked people to choose one. Some had their own ideas of course, happily accepted. We  recorded at a few studios that no longer exist eg Fortissimo, Seed, Kiss and Periscope. One track was at Simon Grounds' studio which does still exist as far as I know. Imperfections were tolerated and even welcomed in some cases. Somehow we ended up with something that has a lasting appeal. Whew!

Long out of print as it is I was pleased to stumble across a few boxes with W. MINCD 006 scrawled on the side recently. Here's where you can buy it. We'll sell the bonus disc 2 CD version first. You're welcome.

Graham Lee