Where Joy Kills Sorrow CD
Where Joy Kills Sorrow CD

Where Joy Kills Sorrow CD

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Where Joy Kills Sorrow was released in 1997 by W. Minc Productions. It's a compilation of great songs in country style sung by Australian artists who by and large don't normally sing country.

Track Listing:

Just A Little Bit Of Rain - Mick Harvey

When You're Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts - Joel Silbersher

I Scare Myself - Renee Geyer with Uncle Bill

Yellow Roses - Greg Perkins

The World's Got Everything In It - Uncle Bill

Mis'ry Is My Middle Name - Warren and John Ellis

The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness - Robert Forster

Thanks A Lot - Paul Kelly with Uncle Bill

Duchess - Bruce Haymes

If You Don't Want My Love - Rob Snarski with Matt Walker

I'd Rather Be Sorry - Vika and Linda Bull

The Way You See Me - Chris Abrahams and Melanie Oxley

Still Alive And Well - David McComb

When I Dream - Matt Walker and Ashley Davies

This Is Forever - Dave Graney and Clare Moore