Where Joy Kills Sorrow - last copies available here! Also Before And After Love by Mark C Halstead signed copies!

Where Joy Kills Sorrow

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We're not here to make money

We're here to make friends

Those were the days

Together again

Warren and Screamin' Johnny Ellis

At Fortissimo Studio

Phil Kakulas, Jim White, Warren Ellis, John Ellis and Graham Lee


That's Kirsty Rivers' car

Renee Geyer

The best version of I Scare Myself you're likely to hear

Tex (Greg) Perkins

Stewart Speed

Rob Snarski

Mick Harvey

Character studies

Paul Kelly

On Where Joy Kills Sorrow Paul first worked with Gerry Hale's bluegrass band Uncle Bill. This led to an album "Smoke" and a lengthy collaboration between the two. 

Gerry Hale

Gerry's band Uncle Bill (long since disbanded) performed with Paul on Thanks A Lot. They later recorded the album "Smoke" together and toured Australia.

Jim White

Jim is drumming up a storm around the world these days with the likes of Cat Power, George Xylouris and many others. Jim's musical connections to others on this record are many.